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Cashel Blanket Top Performance Saddle Pad

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Cashel Blanket Top Performance Saddle Pad

Looking for a saddle pad that will look great both in the show ring, or out on the trail, and last a long time? Look no further. Cashels Blanket Top Performance Pad is made of pressed felt with a high-quality merino fleece bottom and multicolored blanket wool top options.


  • The moisture-wicking fleece bottom helps to distribute pressure and impact evenly across the horses back when performing everyday riding maneuvers.
  • Its unique contour shape is built into the structure giving it the capability to follow a horse natural confirmation and still remain pliable, soft, and conforming. This allows it to be ridden on a wide range of horses./li>
  • A pad with great eye appeal and the ability to provide protection and comfort to your horse at an affordable price.


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