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Cashel Felt Blanket Liner

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The Cashel Felt Blanket Liner is the ideal liner to use under expensive saddle pads in order to extend their life and protect from sweat and dirt build up. The simple design makes it durable and comfortable for both you and your horse.

The Felt Liner is cut down the middle which allows the liner to conform down on the horses back. Machine wash cold line dry. It measure 32" x 32.5" and tapers to 31.25".

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Overall Rating: 5 of 5 stars

There are 3 reviews for this product

Ruth K

from New York

March 10, 2015

this liner is a good piece of basic tack
It's not too thick and provides just the right amount of layering to protect a more expensive saddle pad. The felt helps to wick sweat. I like the wither cut out design of the pad.

Brenda H

from Indiana

September 6, 2014

LOVE it!!!!

Nancy B

from Kansas

March 12, 2014

great pad
Overall Rating: 5 of 5

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