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Cavallo Full Monty Western Saddle Pad




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Cavallo Full Monty Western Saddle Pad

Made For a Bigger Saddle

The Cavallo Full Monty Western Saddle Pad is designed for the bigger saddle, the heftier rider or the more robust ride; this performance enhanced saddle pad is two inches longer and has memory foam twice as thick as the Western All-Purpose pad. A result of popular demand, this saddle pad has been developed to provide extra shock absorption and additional cushioning. Riders will still feel their horse's movement through the close contact pad cutaway, but will now enjoy the additional protection of double memory thickness throughout the saddle bar contact with the horse.

<p>This Cavallo Total Comfort System Saddle Pad is designed to promote even distribution of weight to the weight-bearing longissimus dorsi muscles along either side of the horse's backbone; to keep weight off the horse's spine; and to allow room for the horse's scapula to move properly within the narrow confines of the saddle.

Size:  32" L x 32" W

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