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Cashel Western Standard Tush Cushion

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Cashel Western Standard Tush Cushion

The Cashel® Western Standard Tush Cushion is specifically constructed to fit most western saddles. Adjustable attachments pull the cushion flat across the seat to give you padding just where you need it. It provides the perfect fit with no left over bulk.

The engineering of the Cashel® Tush Cushions make hours in the saddle more comfortable.  Made with the same closed cell foam as the popular Cushion saddle pads they will not collapse or give the way open-cell foam can.  They will not compact bunch up or absorb and hold heat.  Adjustable nylon straps hold the cushion firmly in place preventing the sliding and shifting problems experienced with other seat saver.  The Tush Cushion does not interfere with you balance and seat in the saddle it just makes it much more comfortable.

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Belinda G

from Montana

November 28, 2014

The item was on sale at lowest rate listed on the internet

I called, ordered and it was delivered timely.Thank you Equestrian Collections
Overall Rating: 5 of 5