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Rattler Goat String

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Rattler Goat String

Rattler builds the best piggin string on the market, and they have easily matched it with their goat string. It is recommended by the one and only Lynn Smith. It was built with the same technology and care as their Racer Piggin string. They are designed in 3 ply for the best hold in all four lays it is offered in. The softer the string the better for beginners. The Soft goat string is great for the ultimate beginner that is still mastering the basics. The MS is perfect for goat tiers who has smaller hands and cant quite handle the original string. This goat tier is still mastering the basics but has the hang of goat tying. The original M string is a precise blend of firmness for the fast and snappy ties all goat tiers dream of. It offer great control and speed. This is the perfect goat string for a goat tier looking to take their game to the next level.


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