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Focus, containing proprietary blend micronutrients by Source, was developed to support and enhance your horse's needs. If you are looking to provide your horse with the best possible health care system, Focus is for you!
For the "hard keeper," Focus provides supplements for those specific needs of the horse that cannot seem to keep weight on, as well as a dose of Source micronutrients. For the senior horse, Focus Senior is a specialized nutritional support supplement along with a dose of the original Source micronutrients formula.
Focus by Source also developed a supplement for horses with poor hoof condition, helping them to achieve superior hoof growth, texture and strength. Horse's hooves are composed of living tissue that requires a wide range of nutrients. If your horse has unhealthy hooves, Focus by Source will help you to make your horse healthy, happy, and comfortable.
From the inside out, you will find that your horse's hooves, skin, and coat never looked better! It is true, your horse will shine...and not just in the arena!
  • FOCUS HF for Hoof Care
    FOCUS HF for Hoof Care
    $32.70 - $188.60 $206.39

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