Horse Show Jackets for Women

Horse show jackets for women for English riders. Show coats for women in all the popular styles for you to choose from including new technologically advanced fabrics. Show coats or hunt coats, as they are sometimes called, should fit so that the hem of the coat just grazes the saddle. Ladies hunt style show coats have a double vent in the back with three buttons down the front. Dressage coats are typically longer than a hunt coat, have a single vent in the back with have four buttons. The Eventer type crossover show coat can come in either style. Today's equestrian show coats come in easy care options that can be machine washed. No more last minute trips to the dry cleaner before a show! Lightweight, moisture wicking or waterproof fabrics make showing year round more comfortable.

Ladies English show coats from brands you trust like Ariat, RJ Classics or Ovation. All our ladies show coats come with the Equestrian Collections 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

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Show Coats

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How to Fit Ladies Riding Coats

You can find a wide variety of ladies riding jackets for all of the different show types or disciplines in English riding events. The different types of jackets are very different from each other due to the type of riding that you perform. English disciplines include dressage, hunter and jumper, cross country jumping and stadium jumping. English jackets are available in different styles for your show events and require a very good fit that is also comfortable with a full range of motion needed for you discipline. You can choose from dressage jackets, hunter/jumper jackets and event jackets that are a hybrid.

Before you get started with your measurements to get the jacket you desire in the fit that is most flattering, you need to make a few decisions. You should be wearing your show shirt when you are measuring for a show jacket. This allows you to take the correct measurements so that your show coat will have the proper fit and not be too loose from wearing a thicker shirt or too tight if you are wearing a simple t-shit. If you are measuring for a barn or warm jacket that is not for use in the show ring, wear a heavier sweater before taking measurements.

Fitting Ladies Riding Coats: How to Measure

Step 1: It is best to have a friend to help you take your measurements so they can make certain the measuring tape is in the correct position around your body and it is lying flat without it being twisted, which can throw off your measurements.
Step 2: Stand on a flat floor with your legs straight, head up and shoulders back in a posture style that resembles your posture when riding in an event.
Step 3: Relax your arms downward at your sides at a 45-degree angle to your body. Have your friend place the soft, cloth measuring tape around the fullest part of your bust while keeping it parallel to the floor. This is your bust measurement.
Step 4: Place the tape measure around your natural waist where it is the smallest circumference of your torso. This should be the area around you including the belly button. This is your waist measurement.
Step 5: Stand with your heels together and place the measuring tape around the thickest part of your hips while keep the tape parallel to the floor. This is your hip measurement
Step 6: Place your hands straight down from the shoulder with your palms open and resting on your hips. Measure your arm from your shoulder blade on one arm down the outside length of your arm to your wrist. This is your sleeve length measurement. You can also measure your other arm to compare the measurements. Some people have one arm longer than the other does and would need a longer jacket sleeve.

Other Considerations

Consider the fit of your English ladies riding apparel by choosing a jacket that can unzip from the bottom in the front, one that has side vents or a rear vent so that it stays in place during your event and does not restrict movement in any manner.

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