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NuvoCool Sport Therapy Gel
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NuvoCool Sport Therapy Gel

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Rider Pain Relief

The NuvoCool Sport Therapy Gel is an advanced formula for athletes providing fast acting relief for bruises, arthritis, sore muscles, simple back aches and joint pain. This is a multi-functional pain relief model based upon a unique patent pending design. NuvoCool is effective because it works to block signaling of pain to the brain and reduces inflammation. Multi-functional by turning off Nociceptor Afferent Nerve Fibers (TRPA1) that signal skin, muscle and joint pain from sensory neurons to the brain. Pain is then blocked by activation of a pain inhibiting Afferent Nerve Fiber (TRPM8). Also utilizes a natural source inflammation enzyme Cyclo-Oxygenase (COX) inhibitor similar to aspirin. 100% Pure essential oils used. Certified Phthalate, Pesticide and herbicide-free. All ingredients are USFDA generally recognized as safe. Easy to apply squeeze tube.

Size:  9 oz

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