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Ricotti Pad

Ricotti Pad

Ricotti Felt Pads, designed and created by Rick Ricotti, well-known saddle maker, addresses all-to-common discomfort issues with horses from ill-fitting saddles. If you have noticed your horse will not readily turn to the left or right, or change leads in the front easily, it is usually because the horse experiences discomfort when attempting these moves.

After using the Ricotti pad, the problem usually disappears. Depending upon the horse, it can take anywhere from one to several rides before the horse realizes that it is comfortable to make these moves.
While the saddle tree is symmetric, the horse probably is not. This pad helps balance the pressure on both sides of the withers. The Ricotti Felt Pads also help to sit more erect forcing the pressure to be distributed over a much larger area. Ricotti Saddle Pads feature:

UltraCell foam insert shaped and position to help equalize weight on the load-bearing surface of saddle tree barsThe contoured top easily conforms to the horse's back, and readily positions the pad in the correct location for maximum benefit. Cutout over the horse's wither area allows extra relief for a saddle that is low in front and/or for a horse that is narrow and has exceptionally high withers.  The Ricotti Saddle Pad was conceived to promote better saddle fit when the saddle tree's front half is not fitting the horse very well. If your horse is not moving easily and correctly, the Ricotti Felt Pad could be the answer to all of your, and your horse's, problems.
  • Ricotti Square Wool Blend Western Saddle Pad
    Ricotti Square Wool Blend Western Saddle Pad
    $299.99 $359.95
  • Ricotti Square Polyester Felt Western Saddle Pad
    Ricotti Square Polyester Felt Western Saddle Pad
    $229.99 $275.95
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