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Equine Medical HEIRO for Horses - Healthy Equine Insulin Rescue Organicals

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Equine Medical HEIRO for Horses - Healthy Equine Insulin Rescue Organicals

Natural HEIRO for horses is great-tasting and veterinary-developed for horses suffering from laminar injury and chronic sore feet. Get horse back to pasture faster with HEIRO.

Horse have chronic foot pain? Can't be on pasture? Help horses with HEIRO - a proprietary blend of 8 tasty herbs, vitamin E and magnesium to safely and naturally combat elevated insulin. If horse is suffering from signs of insulin resistance (laminitis, cresty neck, on Cushing meds but still sore, easy keeper--staying large on little food, fat pockets, founder history, senior horse health issues) try HEIRO!

All-natural HEIRO was developed by Dr. Frank Reilly, DVM, to help the rapidly growing number of horses suffering from chronic sore feet with high insulin levels. From spring's new grass and summer's heat to the frosty grass and frozen ground of winter, seasonal factors can cause serious laminar injury and chronic foot pain. Fortunately, after two years and hundreds of insulin tests, Dr. Reilly discovered the right combination and concentration of organicals to help improve insulin control and get your horse back on the pasture where they were born to graze and play. No more dirt lot. Get your horse back to grass pasture faster with HEIRO. Try risk-free today!


  • HEIRO is Veterinarian-developed and backed by Dr. Frank Reilly, DVM
  • 100% all-natural using a blend of 8 tasty herbs
  • Vitamin E and magnesium to help safely and naturally combat elevated insulin
  • Does not contain fillers, pesticides, artificial colors, or preservatives
  • Gluten-free/Non-GMO
  • Feed one scoop (tablespoon) per day for all horses (large, medium or small)

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