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Finish Line Quia-Cal Paste Syringe
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Finish Line Quia-Cal Paste Syringe

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Calm Your Horse

Finish Line Quia-Cal Paste Syringe is a high potency B1-Calcium and Magnesium supplement. Supplied in a rapid one-shot oral paste syringe it promotes healthy nerves in your horse.

Use as an aid in the prevention of minor nervousness during times of stress due to B1 and/or Magnesium deficiency. Quia-Cal does NOT contain tryptophan and will NOT make your horse dopey. It has a palatable apple-cinnamon flavor that your horses will love

Ingredients: Water thiamine mononitrate calcium citrate magnesium sulfate cinnamon powder (natural flavoring) apple flavoring citric acid xanthan gum sodium saccharin potassium sorbate.

Comes in a .5oz syringe

Finish Line Quia-Cal Paste Syringe offers:

  • Apple flavor
  • NO tryptophan
  • One-shot syringe
  • Decreases nervousness
  • Promotes a healthy nervous system

Size:  0.5 oz.

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