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Equine Medical Happ-E-Mare Equine Nutritional Supplement
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Equine Medical Happ-E-Mare Equine Nutritional Supplement




Want a happier, calmer mare in only 14 days? This all-natural horse supplement helps improves mood, reduces muscle soreness, and decreases anxiety in mares through a special combination of high quality herbs, minerals, and vitamins including high dose vitamin E.

Stop anxiety, stress, soreness, and irritability in your mare. Developed by veterinarian Dr. Frank Reilly, HAPP-E-MARE is an all-natural nutritional supplement designed to keep mares calm and relaxed throughout her reproductive cycles, and help her get off hormones and shots. Contains high dose vitamin E, 8 herbs, and 2 added vitamins and minerals.


  • Veterinary developed supplement improves mood, promotes calm, and reduces muscle soreness in horses
  • Natural herbs, minerals, and high dose Vitamin E in a super tasty powder blend
  • HAPP-E-MARE is the ONLY multiple herbal+vitamin+mineral mare supplement in the USA that can race, show, compete on, AND use on geldings and stallions in competition to help with calming, reduce nervousness.
  • University tested, lab tested, and quality guaranteed
  • Bottled in USA, USA owner

    Size:  60 Day Supply

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