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Daily Dose Equine Chasteberry Tea Kit
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Daily Dose Equine Chasteberry Tea Kit




Supports normal pituitary gland function and hormone levels and may help balance behavior. Chasteberry can maintain long term health by promoting shedding and help reduce the potential negative effects of stress. Brew the tea in a 12-cup coffee maker using spring water. Kit contains 3 x 12 cup (2.84 liter) extractions and dosing bottle. Keep refrigerated after extraction.


  • Vitex Chasteberry supports pituitary gland function and help your horse shed normally.
  • Vitex Chasteberry balances behavior and reduces effects of stress, helping your horse feel better.
  • Chasteberry supports normal metabolic function and can help reduce a hay belly.
  • Vitex Chasteberry encourages shedding and controls some of the effects of PPID.
  • Ingredients: Organic Vitex Berry Powder (Vitus agnus-castus).

    Feeding Guide: Requires brewing using a tea/coffee brewing machine. Each packet provides enough to make 12 cups of tea. After brewing, the tea is placed in the dosing bottle. Provides enough tea to make 3 x 12 cup pots of tea and dosing bottle. Administer orally based on weight of animal.. Keep refrigerated after extraction. Dosage: Loading Dose (to rapidly achieve target therapeutic strength) 2x Maintenance Dose for 14-30 days. Maintenance Dose up to 600 pounds, 30 mL daily; 601-800 pounds, 40 mL daily;01-1,000 pounds, 50 mL daily; and for horses over 1,001 pounds, 60 mL daily. Top dress on feed. Dosing bottle included in contents.

    Size:  3 Packs

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