Horse Blankets Sheets Coolers

From turnout sheets to stable rugs, keeps your horse cozy and secure.

Horse blankets, sheets or coolers are designed to protect your horse from the elements, keep them warm, dry or insect free depending on the type and style of horse blanket.

For cold, winter weather, turnout blankets are waterproof, also are designed to stay in place during the rigors of turnout, while stable blankets are not waterproof so should only be used in the stall. Dress sheets are a used to keep your horse clean as well as warm at shows. Dress sheets often feature fashionable accents. After work, a horse cooler or anti-sweat sheet wicks moisture away from the horse to prevent chills.

Horse turnout blankets come in three different weights - heavyweight, medium weight, as well as light weight. No fill turnout blankets are also available. Horse stable blankets come in the same weight selections. Choose the weight of your horse blanket by the temperature of the weather, the degree of protection from the elements, as well as the age or condition of your horse.

For warmer temperatures, you will want to check out our selection of horse sheets including turnout sheets to keep your horse clean, or fly sheets to protect against biting insects.

Horse blankets, sheets or coolers from top brands like Horseware, Weatherbeeta or Kensington are available in a variety of sizes or styles. Protect your horse with high quality horse blankets from Equestrian Collections.

Unmatched Selection Of Horse Blankets, Sheets & More

Calling all horse lovers! Whether you're a seasoned equestrian or just starting your riding journey, keeping your equine companion comfortable is paramount. At, we offer a treasure trove of horse blankets, sheets, coolers, and turnouts, ensuring your beloved horse stays protected and stylish in any weather.

Blankets: From heavyweight turnout rugs to lightweight stable blankets, we have everything to shield your horse from rain, wind, snow, and sun. Explore our cozy fleece, durable canvas, and breathable mesh options to find the perfect fit for your climate and horse's needs.

Sheets: Keep your horse cool and comfortable in the warmer months with our breathable cotton or moisture-wicking synthetic sheets. Perfect for post-workout cool-downs, turnout under the summer sun, or preventing pesky fly bites.

Coolers: After a strenuous ride, help your horse regulate their temperature with our absorbent and stylish cooling sheets. Available in vibrant colors and classic prints, they'll keep your horse looking sharp while feeling their best.

Turnouts: Turn your horse out with confidence knowing they're protected from the elements. Our turnout rugs are crafted from durable, waterproof materials to withstand even the harshest weather conditions.

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