Stud Muffins Stud Muffins
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Stud Muffins Assorted Treats

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Stud Muffins Assorted Treats

Stud Muffins Assorted Flavor Sensations


The Stud Muffins Assorted Pack offers your horse an assortment of fantastic flavors to try 

Stud Muffins are hand made with care. They contain extra protein and flax seed to make them as healthy as they are enjoyable for your horse.

Variety Pack includes:  Rocky Trail Peppermint and Party Oat Flavors

Cane molasses whole wheat oats barley corn wheat bran flax seed water salt potassium sorbate oats vegetable food coloring.  

45 oz.

This product can not be shipped to the following US States: GA & MA

Color: Assorted
Size:  45 oz.

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