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K&H Pet Thermo Heated Chicken Perch
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K&H Pet Thermo Heated Chicken Perch

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Warm perch = happy birds! No more frozen toes! Most birds being covered in their own down blanket lose a lot of body heat through their feet. The gentle warmth provided by the perch aids in the retention of body heat. The perch warms the entire body utilizing the bird's own circulation system. External thermostat senses air temperature and automatically turns on at temperatures below 35 degress Fahrenheit. Dual thermostats ensure proper heating day and night. Perfect for chickens as well as pheasants, quail, grouse, and pigeons. Dual internal thermostats regulate the perch to the perfect temperature day and night. 5.5 foot cord length. 26" long. 40 watts.


  • Warm perch = happy birds!
  • No more frozen toes!
  • Thermostatically controlled
  • Warms entire body utilizing bird's own circulation system
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    Color: Black
    Size:  26" Long

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