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Odor-No-More Cat Litter Additive

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Odor-No-More Cat Litter Additive

Odor-No-More Cat Litter Additive helps eliminate cat litter smell. Super absorbent, safely and effectively eliminates odors and moisture. Odor No More starts working on contact; reduces odors by 95% in just minutes without perfumes or masking agents. Just a sprinkle saves you time and money! Cuts down on litter use, disposal and litter maintenance.Contains super absorbent fibersthat capture and solidify liquidsand a special blend of micro-nutrient saltsthat deodorize those liquids. Safe for use in all litters for all cats. Lightly cast on litter and blend; add a small amount with each litter change. Environmentally safe and non-toxic. Patent pending. Made in the USA.

Size:  12 Oz.

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