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Ecovet Fly Repellent
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Ecovet Fly Repellent

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Totally New Fly Alternative!

A truly new alternative to traditional fly products containing pyrethrins or essential oils. Ecovet is a proprietary mixture of natural food-grade fatty acids and silicone oil blended with sage and lavender. Creates a zone of repellency that prevents the pests from landing on your equine friend.

How does it work?

Insects choose a “victim” via a complex interaction between visual and chemical cues. Some animals (and people) are more attractive to pests than others. In our equine friends, coat color, level of activity, carbon dioxide output and odors secreted by the horse all play a role. The normal output of chemical smells acts like a signal to the insect’s guidance system to help it find and attack its potential food source.

Research has shown that certain fatty acids act as insect attractants, while others are repellents. Ecovet uses a proprietary mixture of naturally occurring fatty acids that confuses and overwhelms the insect’s normal directional ability, so the insect is unable to locate your horse as its next victim. It’s like having a GPS system that is shouting confusing and conflicting directions at you … until you finally give up.

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