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Easy-Change Gullet System - Complete Kit

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The Easy-Change Gullet System enables the rider to custom fit their saddle to suit a horse's changing shape. The Easy-Change Gullet System comes with 5 gullets.

  • YELLOW for Narrow
  • GREEN for Medium Narrow
  • BLUE for Medium Wide
  • RED for wide
  • WHITE for extra wide.

The kit also includes easy to use instructions, 2 spare head screws, 2 spare t-nuts, 6 spare gullet screws and a FREE Easy-Measure Gullet Gauge.

*PLEASE NOTE The BLACK - medium gullet plate is not included in the kit. Most Wintec saddles come standard with the BLACK gullet already in place. The BLACK - medium gullet may be purchased separately.

Color: Multiple (5 Colors)
Size:  Complete Kit

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