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Myler Weymouth with Low Wide Ported Barrel MB 15PB Bit





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Myler Weymouth with Low Wide Ported Barrel MB 15PB Bit

Myler Stainless Steel Weymouth, MB 15PB Low Wide Ported Barrel, Level 3

The 15PB mouthpiece offers the maximum amount of tongue relief to your horse and considered one of the mildest mouthpieces. Designed for horses considered finished, it has a generously wide port that allows room for the tongue to pass under the bit and swallow. This mouthpiece applies little to no tongue pressure, working primarily off the bars, chin and poll. The port on this bit is under 30mm, meeting the requirements for USEF and FEI dressage rules.


  • Stainless Steel Mouthpiece
  • Curved Mouthpiece
  • Copper Inlay
  • FEI dressage legal (7/2016). Consult organization's rule book for more information.

    The Weymouth cheekpiece is designed to be used in conjunction with a bridoon bit in the dressage double bridle. Comes with English curb chain.


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