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Spade Bits

Western spade bits for advanced Western riders and horses. Western spade bits help keep the horse's head vertical with no cues from the rider. These bits are designed for well trained horses that need very light rein contact. For the experienced horse, the spade reminds the horse to lower his head when the spade contacts his palate.

We carry Western spade bits from great brands like BitLogic at everyday low prices. All our Western spade bits come with the Equestrian Collections 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.
  • Professionals Choice Dot Shank Floating Spade
    Professionals Choice Dot Shank Floating Spade
    $69.39 - $82.39 $93.95

Equestrian Collections offers some of the most popular Spade Bits found online. Shoppers looking for the latest Professionals Choice Spade Bits will be delighted! Equestrian Collections offers a full range of the best Classic Equine Spade Bits all with our money-back satisfaction guarantee.

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