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Reinsman Diamond R Solid Ported O Ring Bit




Reinsman Diamond R Solid Ported O Ring Bit

This solid ported O Ring is a great bit for beginner horses and riders alike. It is also a gentle options for the older well behaved horse. The solid mouth prevents the risk of a nutcracker affect. The loose o ring provides a slight pre signal from the rein before engaging the mouth, allowing your horse time to respond before pressure is applied.


  • Sweet iron mouth will rust to help salivation
  • Ported mouth
  • Loose O Ring cheeks edit
  • Bit Stage: Stage A (Direct Reining - Ride with both hands)
  • Cheeks: 3" Rings
  • Mouth Size: 5"
  • Mouth Size: 5"
  • Mouth Diameter: 7/8"
  • Mouth Material: Brass, Sweet Iron
  • Mouth Type: Low Port, Ported, Smooth, Solid
  • Port Height: 1/2" Port
  • Horse Size

    Size:  Horse


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