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                About Wendals Herbs
                Wendals Herbs are pleased to offer the widest range of award winning herbal blends to aid recovery from common concerns in both horses and dogs. Many veterinary surgeons are now receptive to the benefits that some herbs have and they are increasingly encouraging the use of them, often after having tried a number of synthetic substances first. It is well known that supplementing a diet with herbs can be a major factor in maintaining good health.
                This company specializes in natural health care products for horses and dogs. Herbalist Wendy Jennings developed a special expertise in preparing herbal formulations long before her involvement in the family owned stud. During those years she developed a knowledge and understanding of the wide-range of benefits that herbs may have on horses & dogs. Initially providing her herbal blends to her close friends & acquaintances in brown paper bags, Wendy decided to make her concoctions available to the public.
                Regarded as the best products of their type, with human grade quality herbs gathered from all over the world, Wendals Herbs has been rated the best supplementing product at the Equitana USA show two times. With many years of hands-on contact, research, practical experience, and with the help and advice of some of the best trainers and veterinary surgeons in Europe, the Jennings family is unique in their knowledge and experience in the benefits of giving herbs to horses. They have personally used herbs on hundreds of horses and dogs, and prepared blends for thousands of others.
                • Wendals Herbs Book - Feeding Herbs To Horse
                  Wendals Herbs Book - Feeding Herbs To Horse
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                • Wendals Herbs Sandaid
                  Wendals Herbs Sandaid
                  $53.36 $78.95
                • Wendals Herbs Special Calmer
                  Wendals Herbs Special Calmer
                  $64.65 $83.95
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