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Horse Driving Bits

If You Drive, Select a Bit Designed for the Harness Horse

Driving bits work exactly like riding bits - the mouth piece acts upon the tongue and cheek, while the side piece affects the leverage action of the bit.

However, because of the nature of harnesses and driving, there are some differences in a driving bit.

 Most driving bits will have some form of long cheek piece, even if it is not utilized for leverage.  This is to keep the bit from sliding through the mouth with lateral pressure, which is more common with driving than riding.  For instance, the popular half cheeks, and spoon cheeks, have cheek pieces that do not affect the leverage action as a full cheek riding bit would.  

Additionally, some driving bits are designed to address the problems of multiple horse teams.  Butterfly and Coronet bits have multiple rings, so that the reins can be adjusted to each horse in a team.  The severity of the bit can be adjusted for each horse, yet they can each have the same bit for a uniform look.  
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