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Use the Appropriate Cleanser for Sheath Cleaning

Any one who owns a gelding or a stall ion should be aware that they have some special hygiene requirements.  The equine penis secretes smegma to clean and lubricate the penis.  The origin of the secretions is still disputed.  However, it is known that smegma is composed of exfoliated skin cells, oils, and moisture.  The equine penis, when retracted is contained with the sheath.  Therefore, the inside of the sheath will also become coated with smegma.  A feature unique to the equine penis is the urethral diverticulum and fossa.  This cleft like area around the urethral opening becomes an ideal location for smegma to accumulate.  This accumulation is often referred to as a"bean" due to its oval shape.

So none of this applies to mares, right?  Wrong!  Let's not forget the mares when it comes to cleaning those personal parts.  Although mares don't product smegma in between their teats, they do accumulate dirt, sweat, and dead cells there.  This accumulation can become flaky, itchy, and a place for bad bacteria to fester.  Mares will often cause self-trauma trying to scratch their udder on shrubs or fences, much like their male counterparts.  you can use the same products on mares to soften and remove the debris between their teats.  Use the same caution in approaching the procedure as you would with cleaning a gelding or stallion's sheath.  Some mares are very sensitive and will not tolerate the procedure.  Call your veterinarian to come sedate her.  Safety for all is priority number one.

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