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Myler Bits

Myler Bits

More about Myler Bits...

Experience the Difference That a Comfortable Bit Can Make for Your Horse

The creators of Myler Bits, Ron, Dale and Bob Myler, offer a philosophy of comfort for the horse with each of their bits. The bit is a communication tool, and to effectively communicate with your horse, he must be relaxed. If your horse is resistant, he is not effectively receiving your message and needs a different bit which allows him to relax.

The Myler bitting system is designed around the concept of tongue relief. In a traditional single jointed bit, when pressure is applied to the reins it creates a "nutcracker" effect, by collapsing onto the tongue, which makes it difficult for the horse to swallow. When a horse is unable to swallow, they are unable to move forward in a relaxed and comfortable frame.

  • Recognize the Signs of Resistance
  • Going behind the bit
  • Going above the bit (inversion)
  • Chewing, overactive mouth, tongue outside of the mouth
  • Running through the bit, pulling, or not stopping
  • Heavy on the forehand, leaning on the bit
  • Putting tongue over the bit
  • Sucking tongue into the back of the throat

If your horse exhibits these symptoms, and all dental and medical reasons have been eliminated, try a Myler Bit.

Equestrian Collections is pleased to offer the latest Home and on the market. We offer an excellent selection of the most popular Myler Bits found online. And all with our money-back satisfaction guarantee. Be a Savvy Shopper and purchase all your Myler Bits on Equestrian Collections!
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