Men's riding boots for all riding disciplines or equestrian activities. Men's riding boots for every season suitable for showing, training or trail riding. Good riding boots provide both safety and comfort while riding. A heeled boot is important when riding to keep your foot from slipping through the stirrup. The leather toe of the boot will provide your feet with protection from injury caused by hooves. Whether endurance riding, roping cattle or competing in dressage, we have men's riding boots that will meet your needs and exceed your expectations. Our riding boots for men are designed with quality, comfort and durability in mind. These boots feature top quality leather and long lasting soles. English or Western styles available for everyday riding, chores or showing.

Find men's riding boots on Equestrian Collections from brands like Ariat, Smoky Mountain or Ovation. All our men's riding boots come with our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Men's Riding Boots

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Men's Riding Boots

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Savvy Shopper Guide for Men's Riding Boots

Men's riding boots are essential not only for competitions but for protecting a rider's feet and legs whenever riding a horse. In this guide, we'll introduce you to a wide variety of English horse riding boots for men that are available at Equestrian Collections. 

A first-class riding boot must not only look good - it must protect ankles and shins while riding, provide a heeled boot to prevent your feet from sliding through the stirrup, and have a quality leather toe to protect any injury from contact with hooves. Long lasting leather soles are also a prerequisite for the savvy shopper. In this guide we will show you durable, top quality riding boots that are right for your budget, and perfect for showing, trail riding, or training.

Types of Men's Riding Boots

We carry an extensive line of English riding boots from popular brands including Ovation, Ariat, TuffRider, and Tredstep. Choose from six variations - dress, paddock, field, endurance, Winter, or jodhpur boots, depending on your riding style. All of our boots come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Men's Dress Boots

Our dress boots are tall, high-quality leather boots without toe caps or laces, and are custom made for show jumping, formal foxhunting, or dressage.

Men's Field Boots

Field boots are available for hunter/jumper riders, fox hunters, eventers, and can be used for dressage as well. These tall leather boots feature lacing across the foot top which allows heels to lower when riding with shorter stirrups, and ankles to flex. They're available with or without zippers.

Men's Paddock Boots

We have paddock boots that are meant exclusively for saddle seat riding and pleasure riding. These shorter boots should reach directly above a rider's ankle and should be worn with chaps or half chaps.

Men's Endurance Riding Boots

Men's endurance riding boots are similar in style to hiking boots, but a small heel is added to make it safe for competitive or casual riding.

Men's Winter Riding Boots

Men's Winter riding boots keep a rider warm in the coldest, wettest weather, and come in short, medium, or tall styles.

Men's Jodhpur Boots

Men's jodhpur boots are pull-on riding boots with elastic gussets that are made for riding.

Men's Riding Boots Fitting & Sizing Information

We have a large variety of sizes that should accommodate most buyers, ranging from 7.5 D (size 20) to a 10 D (size 28) in cowboy boots. Cowboy boots are also available in EE widths. Please refer to your items sizing chart. 

Men's Riding Boots Care Instructions

Boots should be wiped clean of sweat and dirt with a sponge or damp cloth after every ride. A hydrating boot cream should be applied before riding, and after riding a concentrated cleaner should be applied to wash salt from the leather. Check referring product's specific care instructions.

Equestrian Collections offers a large selection of the most popular Men's Riding Boots found online. Shoppers looking for the latest Men's English Riding Boots, Men's Western Riding Boots or Men's Barn & Muck Boots will be spoiled with choices! Make your next purchase on Equestrian Collections and always ride in style!
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