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Kids show coats are worn in the hunter jumper ring and also for Pony Club competitions. Show coats are dark-colored, fitted coats that are traditional show attire. Kids show coats come in a full range of children's sizes from extra small for lead line competitors to teen and young adult sizes. Show coats are available from top brands like Ovation, RJ Classics or Ashby. All the Equestrian Collections' show coats come with our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Show Coats

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Kerrits Kids Affinity Aero Show Coat

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Kerrits Kids Affinity Aero Show Coat Empowering riders to make every ride their personal best. This elegantly designed show coat provides the ultimate freedom of movement, while air flows through the open weave to maximize breathability and comfort. ...Read more »

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Show Coats

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Savvy Shopping Guide for Kids Show Coats

Kids horse show jackets are fitted, dark-colored coats that are the traditional show attire. Kids horse show jackets are worn for Pony Club competitions and also in the hunter jumper ring. Our high-quality show coats come from top brands like Ashby, TuffRider, RJ Classics, HorzeKids, and Ovation, and like all the rest of Equestrian Collections' products, come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Types of Horse Show Coats for Children

Polyester Show Coats

Your child will look sensational in a navy or black, herringbone or pinstripe polyester show coat, many of which feature full linings, notched lapels, and three-button front two flap pockets. Our kids show coats are made of comfortable micro polyester yarns and may feature velvet details on the pockets and collar, as well as matte silver metallic Z-logo buttons. Your child will love a riding jacket made of extremely lightweight tropical polyester or lined polyester twill fabric, with a double-vented back, shoulder pads, and the traditional three buttons. Our horse show coats for children are stylishly cut, eye-catching, and fun to wear.

Rayon Show Coats

We have some very attractive 100% rayon kids show jackets available for an outstanding price. These quality jackets feature side vents, full lining, 3-button notch lapels, and are wrinkle resistant and machine washable as well. 

Wool Show Coats

Kids preferring a classically designed wool blend fabric will be pleased with our traditional wool show coats. These jackets have an enduro-mesh lining which provides both breathability and a complete range of motion.

Shadbelly Riding Coats

Imagine your child in a shadbelly show coat! They'll look sensational in a junior rider shadbelly coat that combines athletically-inspired fabrics and traditional styling. These coats feature a black stretch lining and reversible 2-piece points for convenience and versatility.

Competition Jackets

Imagine your child in a classic competition jacket. These jackets are made of eye-catching stretchy softshell, and may feature zip pockets, branded buttons, and a comfortable single vent. Best of all, many of our waterproof competition jackets are machine washable. Equestrian Collections is proud to offer a girl's embellished competition jacket. This stylish coat is waterproof, softshell, made of comfortable breathable material, have a hidden zipper front, and may feature decorative touches like a high-quality rhinestone trim around its collar, or a top-quality glass top button.

Horse Show Coats for Children Fitting & Sizing Information

Kids show coats are available in a full range of sizes, from extra small jackets for the lead line competitors up to teen and young adult sizes. Please refer to your items sizing chart. Some brands are available in plus sizes.

Horse Show Coats for Children Care Instructions

Please read all labels carefully. Although many of our kids horse show jackets are machine washable, certain brands are hand wash only, depending on their ornamentation and fabric.

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