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Kelley Fresh Helmet Sacks
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Kelley Fresh Helmet Sacks




The Kelley Fresh Helmet Sackswere designed with athletes in mind. These sacks works to soak up moisture and neutralize unpleasant odors caused by everyday use

After each ride simply toss your helmet sack into your helmet and you will have Fresh dry and odor free helmets the next time you ride Once a month or so regenerate your fresh helmet sack by microwaving it on low for 2 minutes (remove it every 30 seconds and give it a good shake) or sit it in the sun for 12 hours (you can leave it on the dash of your car while mucking stalls or hand grazing your horse) Dont forget that you can use these at home too (for example in your tennis shoes cowboy/cowgirl hat gym bag near cat litter boxes etc)

Size:  One Size

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Eileen C

from Florida

May 8, 2022

Can't live without these!
I bought several of these for my fellow boarders. They've been complaining about their smelly, damp helmets. (Florida!) Problem solved!
Overall Rating: 5 of 5
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