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Horseware Rhino Blankets

Rhino Blankets by Horseware Ireland

Horseware Ireland has a full line of Rhino Turnout blankets that are unique in design and function and will meet the needs of you and your horse. The Rhino Plus features a detachable hood, The Rhino Wug features a high neck design and the Rhino Original features the classic, original cut. The Rhino Turnout Blankets will not slip or rub and are available in heavy, medium and lightweight styles. Unlike the conventional approach, where the waterproof coating is applied directly to the outer layer, Horseware Barrier Technology changes the rules. The outer shell of a Rhino does not carry the waterproof coating like most blankets on the market. They've put the protective barrier on the inside, so that even if the outer fabric is damaged, the inner waterproof and brathable barrier remains intact. The outer layer of a Rhino turnout blanket is made of 1000D Polypropylene. Polypropylene is 50 to 100% stronger than the coated Polyester used in the majority of turnout blankets, so you have a blanket that is light but strong. The AquaTrans coating is actually applied to the barrier layer, allowing the blanket to be waterproof and provide maximum breathability. Underneath the barrier fabric is another very thin layer, which will trap and hold sweat from the horse until it has time to escape into the air.

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Recent Rhino Reviews

Rhino by Horseware Pony Wug Light Weight Turnout Blanket 2011

We really loved this turnout

Fitted nice and long and the extended neckline makes for a very cozy looking blanket that our pony Violet seems to really appreciate!

Rhino by Horseware Wug Turnout Horse Blanket Light

The only thing I can say that I don't like about this blanket is the color selection. I love the high neck instead of having a separate neck cover. Most of my blankets are going on 3 to 4 years of constant use and still holding up very well. Had to buy a new one for a new horse.

Rhino Plus by Horseware Heavy Weight Turnout Horse Blanket

I love this blanket! everything about it is great

the only thing about this blanket is that it's not really black, more of a dark navy, but still all together great. I love that you can also use the liners in this blanket with no extra straps.

Rhino by Horseware Turnout Neck Cover Light

I bought this neck cover to help keep our horse's neck and mane dry in all of the wet weather we have been having. Our horse is susceptible to rain rot, and the neck cover is keeping her dry and giving me peace of mind. It fits well, and although she has never worn one before I purchased this one, she is comfortable wearing it. I would definitely buy it again.