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Return Policy

If you have any questions regarding a return, call our customer service representatives toll free at (877) 872-4415.

What are your general return policies?

Equestrian Collections is committed to customer satisfaction. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, return the new, unused item to us and we will refund, replace, or credit you for it. We have faith in our products and want you to be happy with your purchase. We promise to deliver quality and value in every product we sell. If you are not 100% satisfied with your product under normal use and conditions, please let us know and we'll make it right.

Please note: If you are returning used, defective merchandise, it must be cleaned before shipping. Dirty, or soiled, products will be not be accepted.

Form of Refund

Refunds will be processed within 30 days of receipt of your returned item. The refund will be of "like currency," i.e. if you pay with credit card, we will credit your card; if you pay via PayPal, we will credit your PayPal Account; if you pay with a check, we will refund you with a check by mail.

Refunds are for the purchase price, and applicable taxes of the merchandise only. Shipping charges are not included in a typical refund. 

Special Cases

Equestrian Collections carries an enormous number and variety of equestrian products. Some of these products have legal, health, or other special considerations that preclude our ability to accept returns. We encourage you to consult with our Customer Service Representatives with any questions you have on the following categories of products:

Equestrian Collections is committed to following all International Copyright Laws and ending pirating of intellectual property. Due to International Copyright Law, open DVDs, VHS tapes, or CDs are not eligible for return. (Unopened products in their original packaging are, of course, fully returnable)
Intimate Apparel and Health Care Products:
Equestrian Collections is always concerned about the health of our customers, their horses, and our employees. Open and/or expired supplements, or health care products, as well as all panties and body jewelry, are not eligible for return due to health concerns.

Because we are riders ourselves, we know that purchasing a new saddle is an important and often lengthy process. Please see our Saddle Return Policy and Trial Saddle Program. We are committed to helping you find the right saddle for you and your horse. Therefore, our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee applies to saddles, and we ask only that you carefully follow all of our specific instructions regarding trial and return shipping of saddles.

Custom or Semi-Custom Items:
Custom or Semi-Custom Items are made especially for you and are therefore not returnable, except for manufacturer's defect. Our Customer Service Representatives are always available to help you design your custom orders so that they will be just right for you and your horse.

Horse Clothing and Blankets:
We realize that horse blankets can be difficult to fit, so we allow you to try the blanket on your horse and return it if it does not fit. However, we ask that the blanket be kept CLEAN while you are trying it. Dirty, soiled blankets, or blankets that do not have original tags attached, cannot be returned. Also, if the blanket does not fit, DO NOT leave it on your horse. A poorly fitting blanket will tear, and will therefore be deemed ineligible for return. No horse blanket is completely indestructible!

Bits cannot be returned if they have been put in the horse's mouth due to health concerns. It is recommended to compare the newly purchased bit to a bit already being used for fit.

How do I return an item?

We want you to be fully satisfied with your purchase.  If you are not, let us know and we will make it right. Simply return the item in its original, unused condition within 30 days of receipt.  Returns received after the 30 day policy will be returned at the customer's expense.

If you would like to make a return:

  1. Include a copy of the invoice inside the box with the return. 
  2. Please leave tags attached and return the item(s) in original packaging. 
  3. You are welcome to return items by any shipping method most cost effective to you. 
  4. The original shipping and handling, return shipping costs, and/or duties and taxes are non-refundable on returned items.
  5. If you fail to return any free gifts that came with an item, the regular retail price of the non-returned gifts will be deducted from your return. 
  6. If you are exchanging your purchase, please include contact information as exchange shipping fees will apply to the new order and there may be a balance due.
  7. If an item is missing, damaged, defective or incorrect please call or email our Customer Service department.  One of our representatives will be happy to explain what steps need to be taken.

All returns should be shipped to:

Equestrian Collections
Attn:  Returns
254 N. Cedar St.
Hazleton, PA 18201

When returning an item for an exchange you will be responsible for the shipping charges on the new item. Please include a check or money order for any price difference and the shipping charges on your replacement order.

Include $8.95 for shipping & handling on replacement orders under $100.00.

Include $12.00 for shipping & handling on replacement orders over $100.00 (add $0.50 per pound for items over 10 pounds).

If you do not include a check or money order for any price difference and shipping & handling on your replacement order, this amount will be invoiced via email.

How long will it take to process?

Credit on a returned item(s) can take up to 30 days processing time once the item(s) reach our warehouse. Please remember that it may take your financial institution up to 3 business days from the date we issue your credit for it to post in your account.

If you paid by check or money order we will send you a check in less than 30 days from the time we receive your return.

If you paid with a PayPal Account, your PayPal Account will be credited within 30 days of receipt of your product to our warehouse.

How will my money be credited to me?

Refunds will be made using the original form of payment, i.e., check for a check; or credit card for credit card; Pay Pal Account to the same Pay Pal account.

Please Note: We can only credit the same card that was used for the original purchase.  We can not credit a different card. 

Gift Cards cannot be refunded.  Should you need to return items purchased with a gift card, we will create a NEW gift card for you upon return of those items. 

Credits can take as long as 30 days from the time the returned item(s) reaches our warehouse.  Please be aware that your financial institution may take as long as 3 business days to post the credit to your account, after we have processed the credit. 

Footwear. Can I return it?

Yes!  Footwear is fully returnable.  All we ask that you do not wear it outside, or damage it in any fashion.  

If you need to return your footwear for any reason, please re-box your boots carefully and then wrap the box in brown paper or place back in the original shipping box. Please do not stick shipping labels directly on to the box as we want to be able to send out the boots to another customer looking as fresh and nice as when you received them. Footwear returned using the branded box are subject to a restocking fee.

Because we want you to be absolutely satisfied with the footwear, here are some suggestions about trying them on,  and some thoughts on fit:

  • Please take the time to try them on and walk in them on a carpet inside the house.
  • If your feet are prone to swell by the end of the day, then this would be a good time to try them on.
  • All tall riding boots will slip at the heel until you have worn them for a while.  This is to be expected and is not fault in the fit.  Given a little time, your heel will mold the back of the boot to fit and the slipping will stop.
  • Trying tall boots on with a nylon boot sock or panty hose will help them slide on easier.
  • Please do not put baby powder or boot stretch on your boots until you have decided to keep them, as this will make them non-returnable.
  • Tall boots should be snug and look "too tall". This is because they will drop at the ankle over a period of time.  So start 1-1.5 inches taller than you think you want them.   Dress boots with a stiffened back used for dressage will not drop.
  • Once you have worn footwear outside, they are not returnable.  

Underwear. Can I return it?

By law, all underwear and undergarments are excluded from our general return policy. Any underwear or undergarments returned to us will be discarded and NO refunds or exchanges will be issued, regardless of condition or packaging. No exceptions.

Custom items. Can I return them?

We hope that you LOVE your custom product and are thrilled with the choices that you made while creating it.  Custom items have been especially made to your specifications and therefore are uniquely YOURS and cannot be returned.

Custom items can only be returned if they have a manufacturer's defect.

Saddles. Can I try out and return them?

In a word, yes, you can try out and return saddles to Equestrian Collections.  All that we ask is that you carefully follow our specific instructions regarding saddle care and return.

We want your new saddle to work well for both you and your horse, so we have developed our limited Trial Purchase plan.  This allows you to check saddle fit on a saddle you have purchased.  However, be aware that you will not be able to ride extensively in the saddle.

If you have any questions regarding a return, call our Customer Service Representatives toll free at (877) 872-4415.

Limited Trial Purchase

With our Limited Trial Purchase, you will be able to girth the saddle up and sit in it to check to see that it fits and is comfortable for both you and your horse.  You will not, however, be able to ride around in it.  You will need to care for the saddle extremely carefully, and follow our specific use instructions.  If you do not, you will not be able to return the saddle and get a refund. 

Trying out your new saddle in the Limited Trial Program:

  1. Please open the box carefully and retain all packaging and paperwork.
  2. When trying out a saddle from Equestrian Collections, place a clean saddle pad under the saddle and girth it up, wrap the leathers in vet wraps, tube socks or halter fuzzies.
  3. You can certainly move the horse forward in it to see how it works for you and your horse, however we stress that a full refund can only be given if the saddle is absolutely clean and shows no sign of wear. 
  4. Just wipe it over with a cloth dampened with plain water to remove any barn dust or grime.
  5. Please do not oil or use conditioner on this saddle if you are going to return it, as this will render it non-returnable. 
  6. If the saddle does not fit you or your horse, notify us within seven days of receipt.  Please call our toll free number (please do not e-mail us with this notification) and you will be emailed a pre-paid FedEx return label to be placed on the outside. The FedEx label is only eligible for shipment within the continental US.  You would be responsible for any return shipping fees outside the continental US.
  7. Ship the saddle back to us in its original shipping packaging  within five days of receiving return instructions.
  8. We stress that a full refund can only be given if the saddle is absolutely clean, returned in its original packaging and shows no sign of wear.

Charges and Fees:

The full purchase price of the Limited Trial Purchase Saddle, plus shipping and handling charges will be put on your Credit Card when we ship the saddle to you.   The purchase price will be refunded if the saddle is returned to us in new condition, with no signs of wear.  Restocking fees will be charged and deducted from the purchase price if it is determined that saddle is in less than new condition upon return.

International Order. Can I return it?

Equestrian Collections gladly accepts returns on International Orders.  However, you will be responsible for all duty, taxes and return shipping fees associated with the return shipment.

When making an international return, you MUST request a return authorization prior to shipping your item(s) to Equestrian Collections.  You may obtain a return authorization by either calling or e-mailing customer service with your name, order number, and the items you would like to return. 

Please note:  If you return an international order item without obtaining prior authorization from Equestrian Collections, Equestrian Collections will refuse the shipment and it will be returned to you at your expense. 

Horse Blankets. Can I return them?

We realize that horse blankets can be difficult to fit, so we allow you to try the blanket on your horse and return it if it does not fit.  However, we ask that the blanket be kept CLEAN while you are trying it.  Dirty, soiled blankets, or blankets that do not have original tags attached, can not be returned.

Also, if the blanket does not fit, DO NOT leave it on your horse.  A poorly fitting blanket will tear, and will be ineligible for return. This is not considered normal use and conditions.

Please remember that horse clothing is manufactured for specific uses.  Many types of sheets, skrims, and fly sheets are not constructed to withstand the rigors of turnout.  

Equestrian Collections Warranty

Equestrian Collections  carries over 90,000 products.  We are committed to each and every product we sell, and our goal is that you are happy with any product you purchase.

Some of our products come with Manufacturer's Warranties. Please note, these warranties are through the manufacturer and not Equestrian Collections.  It is the customer's responsibility to meet the qualifications of the manufacturer (For example, return a warranty card after purchase).  Any warranty information provided to Equestrian Collections by the manufacturer will be included with your purchase.

Products that DO NOT have a Manufacturer's Warranty are covered by the Equestrian Collections Warranty.  Unless otherwise noted, Equestrian Collections will replace or repair a product that fails within six months of purchase, under normal use and conditions. 

Why did I get a Store Credit?

There are several reasons that you may have been given a store credit when returning an item to Equestrian Collections.

The most common reasons for Store Credit are:

  1. Item returned was a gift from another person's account
  2. Item returned was purchased with a credit card that has since expired (and so cannot be credited)
  3. Item returned was a special or custom order
  4. Item returned is more than 30 days old
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