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NOBLE OUTFITTERS Seasonal Brand Collections

Equestrian Collections is pleased to offer a full range of the latest Seasonal Brand Collections on the market. We offer an excellent selection of the most popular New & Deals found online. Shoppers looking for the best NOBLE OUTFITTERS Noble Outfitters Seasonal Collection will be delighted! And all with our money-back satisfaction guarantee. Be a Savvy Shopper and purchase all your NOBLE OUTFITTERS and NOBLE OUTFITTERS Seasonal Brand Collections on Equestrian Collections!

Noble Outfitters Balance Riding Tight - Ladies, Knee Patch


In the spirit of full disclosure let me say that I am 51, 5'1 and weigh 130, so yes, I'm fluffy. I typically wear pull on type breeches as my hands have a difficult time with zippers. The balance riding tight provides great coverage. You do not see every lump and bump like you can in other pull on schooling tights. The length comes just to my ankle bone. The waist band doesnt roll down, and the back comes up high enough in the back that no one is offended when you bend over. The breech has great give and bounce back. The leg pocket is very secure and holds a cell phone with no worries. I was fortunate enough to talk with my local Noble rep at a local tack shop, and understand that the breech was made with the same concept as a yoga pant. I have to say, this is the only breech I don't race to get off! Highly recommend you give them a try. I hope they start to make them in a few more colors. Nothing really crazy. I would also LOVE to have them in white!