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Techniche Adult Hybrid Sport Cooling Vest
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Techniche Adult Hybrid Sport Cooling Vest

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Dual Cooling Technology


The Techniche Techkewl™ Hybrid Sport Vest combines the best of Techniche cooling technology; The new Hybrid Cooling System combines Hyperkewl™ cooling technology with Techkewl™ to create the best of all worlds in a cooling vest.  If you ride in hot climates you need this vest

Hyperkewl™ technology uses evaporative cooling.  Submerge the garment in water and as the water evaporates your body temperature is cooled.  This type of technology provides extended cooling is easily re-usable (you just need water) and is lightweight.  This is favorite technology of both horse and motorcycle riders.

Techkewl™ technology uses PCM inserts that can be submerged in ice water or placed in a freezer prior to use.  This more aggressive cooling technique is favored for use under military combat gear hazardous material suits and other heavy duty clothing that may not be ideal for evaporative cooling.  It is also more effective under extreme high temperature situations.  8 Inserts included.

The beauty of the Techniche Hybrid Sport Vest is you can CHOOSE which type of technology is best on any given day.  You can use both technologies together or each on its own depending upon your specific needs at that moment.  Truly the most versatile cooling vest ever       

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