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                Keratex, the recognized expert and worldwide leader in equine hoof care, have developed products after arduous scientific testing. Keratex scientists challenged traditional hoof care and determined that old methods were not helping the hoof; indeed, they were compromising the hoof.
                With appreciation of the structure of the hoof horn, Keratex discovered that oil and greased-based products showed considerable deterioration of the horn structure at the molecular level. Oils soften and weaken the horn and seal the hoof resulting with a hoof that cannot breathe naturally. If the hoof cannot breathe, it cannot dry appropriately and remains in a "frozen" state, which prevents natural drying, healing, and flexing.
                Soaking hooves in water cause the hooves to swell, and as hooves dry, they shrink which is referred to as stretching. Stretching leaves the hoof in a weakened state. The result is hoof cracks that then allow water and bacteria to sink into the hoof and the process starts all over again with added bacteria. Keratex developed products that will reverse damaged hooves and protect them at the molecular level. No other product works from the inside out.
                • Keratex Hoof Hardener
                  Keratex Hoof Hardener
                • Keratex Mud Shield Powder
                  Keratex Mud Shield Powder
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