Kerrits Kids Performance Tight



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Select your product options above to view the stock and delivery information.

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Product Summary:

Kids love how these tights feel softer than a ponys nose and come in a fun rainbow of colors and patterns. Practical parents adore how beautifully they hold up ride after ride and wash after wash. The adjustable elastic drawstring helps them stretch across seasons. No wonder these beloved Kerrits tights have helped sprout over a million equestrian careers worldwide.


  • Super-soft Fabrisuede Tactel with four-way stretch comfort
  • Lightweight, yet durable
  • Drawcord waistband for an adjustable fit
  • Eco Suede knee patches
  • Ride, wash, repeat!
  • Fabrisuede Tactel - 91% micropoly/9% spandex
  • Eco Suede - 100% recycled ultra-microfiber

    Color: Sterling
    Size:  Medium
Style Item Number Model Number UPC
MD Sterling E009645 MD STE 60500STERLINGM 848522180028
SM Nile E009645 SM NIL E009645 SM NIL
SM Tan E009645 SM TAN 60500TANS 848522006915
MD Nile E009645 MD NIL E009645 MD NIL
LG Nile E009645 LG NIL E009645 LG NIL
XL Nile E009645 XL NIL E009645 XL NIL
SM Periwinkle E009645 SM PER 60500PERIWIN S 848522023578
MD Periwinkle E009645 MD PER 60500PERIWIN M 848522023585
LG Periwinkle E009645 LG PER 60500PERIWIN L 848522023592
XL Periwinkle E009645 XL PER 60500PERIWIN XL 848522023608
SM Orchid E009645 SM ORC 60500ORCHID HT S 848522023523
MD Orchid E009645 MD ORC 60500ORCHID HT M 848522023530
LG Orchid E009645 LG ORC 60500ORCHID HT L 848522023547
XL Orchid E009645 XL ORC 60500ORCHID HT XL 848522023554
SM Peony E009645 SM PEO 60500PEONY S 848522038800
MD Peony E009645 MD PEO 60500PEONY M 848522038817
LG Peony E009645 LG PEO 60500PEONY L 848522038824
XL Peony E009645 XL PEO 60500PEONY XL 848522038831
SM Arctic HT E009645 SM ARC 60500ARC HT S 848522044863
MD Arctic HT E009645 MD ARC 60500ARC HT M 848522044870
LG Arctic HT E009645 LG ARC 60500ARC HT L 848522044887
XL Arctic HT E009645 XL ARC 60500ARC HT XL 848522044894
SM Huckleberry E009645 SM HCK 60500HCKLBRY S 848522053728
MD Huckleberry E009645 MD HCK 60500HCKLBRY M 848522053735
LG Huckleberry E009645 LG HCK 60500HCKLBRY L 848522053742
XL Huckleberry E009645 XL HCK 60500HCKLBRY XL 848522053759
SM Cobalt E009645 SM COB 60500COBALT S 848522053575
MD Cobalt E009645 MD COB 60500COBALT M 848522053582
LG Cobalt E009645 LG COB 60500COBALT L 848522053599
XL Cobalt E009645 XL COB 60500COBALT XL 848522053605
SM Multi Tweed E009645 SM MUL 60500MULTI TWEED S 848522060917
MD Multi Tweed E009645 MD MUL 60500MULTI TWEED M 848522060924
LG Multi Tweed E009645 LG MUL 60500MULTI TWEED L 848522060931
XL Multi Tweed E009645 XL MUL 60500MULTI TWEED XL 848522060948
SM Marina E009645 SM MAR 60500MARINA S 848522067077
MD Marina E009645 MD MAR 60500MARINA M 848522067084
LG Marina E009645 LG MAR 60500MARINA L 848522067091
XL Marina E009645 XL MAR 60500MARINA XL 848522067107
SM Sorbet E009645 SM SOR 60500SORBET S 848522067176
MD Sorbet E009645 MD SOR 60500SORBET M 848522067183
LG Sorbet E009645 LG SOR 60500SORBET L 848522067190
XL Sorbet E009645 XL SOR 60500SORBET XL 848522067206
SM Graphite E009645 SM GRA 60524GRAPHITE S
MD Graphite E009645 MD GRA 60524GRAPHITE M
LG Graphite E009645 LG GRA 60524GRAPHITE L
XL Graphite E009645 XL GRA 60524GRAPHITE XL
SM Barn Red E009645 SM BRED 60500BARNRED S 848522076345
MD Barn Red E009645 MD BRED 60500BARNRED M 848522076352
LG Barn Red E009645 LG BRED 60500BARNRED L 848522076369
XL Barn Red E009645 XL BRED 60500BARNRED XL 848522076376
SM Pink HT E009645 SM PNK 60500PINK HT S 848522067121
MD Pink HT E009645 MD PNK 60500PINK HT M 848522067138
LG Pink HT E009645 LG PNK 60500PINK HT L 848522067145
XL Pink HT E009645 XL PNK 60500PINK HT XL 848522067152
SM Lupine E009645 SM LUP 60500LUPINE S 848522085170
MD Lupine E009645 MD LUP 60500LUPINE M 848522085187
LG Lupine E009645 LG LUP 60500LUPINE L 848522085194
XL Lupine E009645 XL LUP 60500LUPINE XL 848522085200
SM Lupine Swirl E009645 SM LUPS 60500LUPSWIRL S 848522085323
MD Lupine Swirl E009645 MD LUPS 60500LUPSWIRL M 848522085330
LG Lupine Swirl E009645 LG LUPS 60500LUPSWIRL L 848522085347
XL Lupine Swirl E009645 XL LUPS 60500LUPSWIRL XL 848522085354
XS Marina E009645 XS MAR 60500MARINA XS 848522067060
XS Sorbet E009645 XS SOR 60500SORBET XS 848522067169
SM Midnight E009645 SM MID 60500MIDNIGHT S 848522089017
MD Midnight E009645 MD MID 60500MIDNIGHT M 848522089024
LG Midnight E009645 LG MID 60500MIDNIGHT L 848522089031
XL Midnight E009645 XL MID 60500MIDNIGHT XL 848522089048
SM Berry E009645 SM BRY 60500BERRY S 848522095124
MD Berry E009645 MD BRY 60500BERRY M 848522095131
LG Berry E009645 LG BRY 60500BERRY L 848522095148
XL Berry E009645 XL BRY 60500BERRY XL 848522095155
SM NavyB E009645 SM NVYB 60500NAVY/NAVYBITS S 843807106977
MD NavyB E009645 MD NVYB 60500NAVY/NAVYBITS M 843807106984
LG NavyB E009645 LG NVYB 60500NAVY/NAVYBITS L 843807106991
XL NavyB E009645 XL NVYB 60500NAVY/NAVYBIT XL 843807107004
SM Amethyst Bits E009645 SM AMEB 60500AMETHBITS S 843807106625
MD Amethyst Bits E009645 MD AMEB 60500AMETHBITS M 843807106632
LG Amethyst Bits E009645 LG AMEB 60500AMETHBITS L 843807106649
XL Amethyst Bits E009645 XL AMEB 60500AMETHBITS XL 843807106656
SM Blueestar/Black E009645 SM BLUS 60500BLUEST/BLK S 843807106724
MD Blueestar/Black E009645 MD BLUS 60500BLUEST/BLK M 843807106731
LG Blueestar/Black E009645 LG BLUS 60500BLUEST/BLK L 843807106748
XL Blueestar/Black E009645 XL BLUS 60500BLUEST/BLK XL 843807106755
SM Boysenberry E009645 SM BOY 60500BOYSENBERRY S 843807106779
MD Boysenberry E009645 MD BOY 60500BOYSENBERRY M 843807106786
LG Boysenberry E009645 LG BOY 60500BOYSENBERRY L 843807106793
XL Boysenberry E009645 XL BOY 60500BOYSENBERRY XL 843807106809
SM Navy E009645 SM NVY 60500NAVY S 843807106922
MD Navy E009645 MD NVY 60500NAVY M 843807106939
LG Navy E009645 LG NVY 60500NAVY L 843807106946
XL Navy E009645 XL NVY 60500NAVY XL 843807106953
SM Bluee Shadow E009645 SM BLSH 60500BLUESHADOWS 848522120666
MD Bluee Shadow E009645 MD BLSH 60500BLUESHADOWM 848522120673
LG Bluee Shadow E009645 LG BLSH 60500BLUESHADOWL 848522120680
XL Bluee Shadow E009645 XL BLSH 60500BLUESHADOWXL 848522120697
SM Plumeria E009645 SM PLM 60500PLUMERIAS 848522120819
MD Plumeria E009645 MD PLM 60500PLUMERIAM 848522120826
LG Plumeria E009645 LG PLM 60500PLUMERIAL 848522120833
XL Plumeria E009645 XL PLM 60500PLUMERIAXL 848522120840
SM Poppy Origami E009645 SM POP 60500POP/HORSES 848522120864
MD Poppy Origami E009645 MD POP 60500POP/HORSEM 848522120871
LG Poppy Origami E009645 LG POP 60500POP/HORSEL 848522120888
XL Poppy Origami E009645 XL POP 60500POP/HORSEXL 848522120895
SM Spearmint HT E009645 SM SPR 60500SPMINTHTS 848522121014
MD Spearmint HT E009645 MD SPR 60500SPMINTHTM 848522121021
LG Spearmint HT E009645 LG SPR 60500SPMINTHTL 848522121038
XL Spearmint HT E009645 XL SPR 60500SPMINTHTXL 848522121045
SM Black Nordic E009645 SM BLKN 60500BLK/FHORSES 848522134038
MD Black Nordic E009645 MD BLKN 60500BLK/FHORSEM 848522134045
LG Black Nordic E009645 LG BLKN 60500BLK/FHORSEL 848522134052
XL Black Nordic E009645 XL BLKN 60500BLK/FHORSEXL 848522134069
SM Sapphire Nod E009645 SM SAPN 60500SAPP/KHORSES 848522133307
MD Sapphire Nod E009645 MD SAPN 60500SAPP/KHORSEM 848522133314
LG Sapphire Nod E009645 LG SAPN 60500SAPP/KHORSEL 848522133321
XL Sapphire Nod E009645 XL SAPN 60500SAPP/KHORSEXL 848522133338
XS Purple E009645 XS PRP E009645 XS PRP
XS Blue E009645 XS BLU E009645 XS BLU
XS Maui Blue E009645 XS MBL E009645 XS MBL

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