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Cox Vet Lab Gain Weight

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Cox Vet Lab Gain Weight

Gain Weight is high in omega-3 fatty acids. Adding just a small amount of Gain Weight powder to a horse's daily ration will help the horse obtain the full benefits of added fat and calories. Improves weight gain. Lowers risk of colic. Increases endurance. Enhances skin, coat and overall body condition. Increases growth for young horses.Directions: Use 2 oz daily to improve skin and coat condition. Use 4 oz daily for gaining weight. Horses with higher activity level or under stress may use higher levels of Gain Weight with no additional side effects.Each 2 oz serving contains min 14% crude protein, min 40% crude fat, max 8% crude fiber, min 0.8%/max 1.2% calcium, min 0.5% phosphorous, min 600 mg zinc, min 10 ppm vitamin E, min 500 mg thiamine, min 50 mg biotin and 200 mg gamma oryzanol. 2 oz measuring cup included. Made in the USA. Not for sale in VA

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