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Tenda Fast Finish Energy Horse Supplement

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Tenda Fast Finish Energy Horse Supplement

Before a big event, the Tenda Fast Finish Horse Supplement can help to support a top athletic performance in your horse. Formulated for equine athletes, this supplement supports increased endurance and a more powerful performance. The supplement may help to reduce lactic acid buildup in your horses body, which can help to keep his muscles more comfortable. Antioxidant-rich honey further supports muscle health, and the supplement is designed to support increased oxygen intake for an optimal performance. The oral dosing syringe allows for easy administration before a big race, show or competition. This formula will not test, so its suitable for use in show and competition horses.


  • Designed to support top athletic performance in equine athletes.
  • Supports increased endurance and more powerful performance.
  • May help to reduce lactic acid buildup for more comfortable muscles and antioxidant-rich honey supports muscle health.
  • Oral dosing syringe allows for convenient pre-event administration.
  • Will not test.

    Size:  60-cc Syringe


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