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Horse UnLock Powder Jar
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Horse UnLock Powder Jar

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Help Horses Train And Perform At Their Best

Use Horse Un-Lock® Powder to help your horse maintain top speeds longer, prevent muscle damage and speed recovery than anything else on the market. Un-Lock® has to be the most exciting news to hit the horse nutrition market in many years. Using a unique formula exclusive to Biomedical Research Laboratories this amazing product is guaranteed to improve performance and recovery times immediately.

Un-Lock® contains more Amino Acids, Electrolytes, and Essential Vitamins than any formula on the market!

Horse Un-Lock® Powder offers:

  • Improve endurance and race performance
  • Maintain top speed longer
  • Reduce cramping and tying-up
  • Prevent muscle damage and speed recovery
  • Buffers blood to dramatically lower lactic acid levels
  • Reduces heart rate during training


  • Daily Use – Administer 2 scoops daily.
  • Pre-Event – Administer 4 scoops daily for 3 days leading up to and on the day of an event or athletic performance.
  • Tying Up – Administer 4 scoops orally as soon as possible.

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