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Equine Medical Health-E Maximum Strength Vitamin E Horse Supplement
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Equine Medical Health-E Maximum Strength Vitamin E Horse Supplement




16x Stronger, highest potency Vitamin E Supplement for horses in the country! Guaranteed to get horses back to peak performance faster. Maximum strength Vitamin E horse supplement helps provide maximum beneficial support to immune system, liver, skin, and hair.

Developed by veterinarian Dr. Frank Reilly to provide senior horses and horses with neurological issues high levels of vitamin E to get them back to peak performance faster. Ideal for all horses, especially showing, breeding and competition horses. Health-E helps provide maximum beneficial support to the immune system, liver, skin and hair; helps build immunity to disease; and helps enhance muscle function and lessen muscle soreness. Encourages a shiny, healthy hair coat.

Health-E's five-star quality, super concentrated formula is made from soybean oil. Superfine, easy-to-dose, economical powder provides all 8 forms of pure vitamin E with a high potency over 16,000 IU/oz! Plus, its easy to feed. Just a small amount goes a long way.

Vitamin E is an important, overall antioxidant that helps protect cells and helps prevent disease. It provides health benefits for eye, liver, neurological and immune function, plus benefits the skin and coat. Horses are unable to produce vitamin E on their own. Recent studies show senior horses and horses under stress need high levels of vitamin E approximately 10,000-15,000 units for extra support.

Directions: Maintenance - 1 scoop (1 Tbsp) daily mixed with feed in the morning; Intense therapy - 2 scoops daily, 1 each in the morning and evening. From biggest to smallest, all horses get the same amount. Scoop enclosed.

Contains 16,431 IU dl-alpha tocopherol (vitamin E) per oz. Low in sugar, starch and fructan. Contains no fillers, artificial preservatives, flavors, colors or selenium (no need to worry about selenium overdose). University-tested for content; certified melamine-, pesticide- and drug-free.


  • Maximum strength vitamin E: up to 16 times stronger than other vitamin E products
  • Natural herbs, No GMO ingredients, gluten-free
  • Veterinary approved, lab tested, quality guaranteed
  • Bottled in USA, USA owner

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