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Cox Vet Lab Ultra Growth
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Cox Vet Lab Ultra Growth

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Ultra-Growth is an all-natural muscle-building nutritional liquid feed supplement for animals that builds powerful, swift muscles at an optimal rate while diminishing stress. Gamma oryzanol (with its impressive ability to foster the development of muscle rather than fat, while protecting against the debilitating effects of stress) is the key ingredient in this revolutionary product. Research indicates that gamma oryzanol also stimulates blood circulation. Creatine is known to promote lean muscle mass, reduce muscle wasting and increase heart function. Creatine may also help increase muscle torque, improve endurance capacity and delay fatigue. It has also shown to help the body recover sooner even after using all its energy. The improved hormone production seems to improve mood and mental functioning. Animals that were once nervous may become calmer and more reliable performers. Such nervous habits as stall-pacing often stop. Ultra-Growth provides a healthy and highly advantageous alternative to anabolics.Each oz contains 4000 mg gamma oryzanol and 200 mg creatine orotate. Pia colada flavored. Directions: Use 1/2 oz daily per 1,000 lbs of body weight. Amount and frequency may be varied as necessary. Made in the USA. Not for sale in VA

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