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Farnam Next Level Joint Fluid
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Farnam Next Level Joint Fluid

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Farnam Next Level Joint Fluid


Farnam Next Level Joint Fluid is an exclusive fluid supplement that helps keep joints lubricated. For horses and dogs.

A powerful flex combination of every source of GAGs available. It also contains glucosamine shark cartilage perna musel Ester C and MSM. It has a special bromelain enzyme that promotes absorption and easy digestion.

Directions for Use:

  • For Horses: Feed 2 fl oz per day for the first 10 days then 1 fl oz per day thereafter
  • For Dogs: Feed 1/4 fl oz per 40lb of body weight per day
  • Shake Well Before Using
  • Store In Cool Dry Place

Ingredients: Water glucosamine sulfate corn syrup methylsulfonylmethane asc-orbic acid xanthan gum carmel color propionic acid artificial flavors bromelain calcium ascorbate glycerin collagen-mucopoly-saccharide complex potassium sorbate.

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