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Agrilabs Hydra Lyte

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Agrilabs Hydra Lyte

AgriLabs Hydra-Lyte rehydration formula for young calves, foals and lambs. HydraLyte livestock electrolyte replacement and nutritional supplement is a balanced formulation of electrolyes, amino acids and dextrose specially buffered for young animals.

  • Restores normal body fluid and electrolyte balance
  • Provides energy to correct hypoglycemia and sodium acetate to correct acidosis
  • Is designed to keep abomasal pH low, helping prevent growth of pathogenic bacteria
Each 5.76 oz serving of Hydra Lyte contains guaranteed max 3.6% sodium, 1.4% potassium and 18% chloride. Hydra Light Can be used with milk or milk replacer. Directions: Mix both compartments of single packet or 1 scoop each dextrose and electrolyte with 2 quarts warm water; Calf/Foal - 2 quarts twice daily for 2 days, then 1 quart solution mixed with milk or milk replacer twice daily on 3rd and 4th day; Lambs - 2 cups twice daily for 2 days, then 1 cup solution mixed with milk or milk replacer twice daily on 3rd and 4th day. Administer with bottle, pail or esophageal feeder. 18 lbs = 50 feedings.

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