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Daily Dose Equine Chasteberry Tea Refill
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Daily Dose Equine Chasteberry Tea Refill




Supports normal pituitary gland function and hormone levels and may help balance behavior when Cushings disease is suspected. Chasteberry may promote long term health by maintaining normal metabolic function. It may also help reduce the potential negative effects of stress. This refill contains 3 more packs of Chasteberry for brewing. Does not include the dosing bottle.


  • Supports normal pituitary gland function when PPID is suspected so that horses loose their hay bellies and shed normally.
  • Helps to maintain normal metabolic function so that weight gain is reversed and the horse feels better.
  • Ingredients: 3 packs of Chasteberry Tea. Requires brewing using a tea/coffee brewing machine. Each packet provides enough to make 12 cups of tea. After brewing, the tea is placed in the dosing bottle.

    Size:  3 Packs

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