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Ice-Vibe Boot

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Ice-Vibe Boot

Excellent Cold Therapy System

Combining cold packs and vibration, rechargeable ICE-VIBE Boots boost circulation for the optimal care of your horse's legs. Use these boots to prepare for exercise and reduce risk of injury, treat soreness and swelling, and repair daily wear and tear. Set the automatic timer, and you're free to accomplish other tasks while your horse receives treatment. Each pack contains two ICE-VIBE boots, two cold packs, two vibrating panels, two batteries, one battery charger and three adapters for universal use.

Prior to exercise, use ICE-VIBE Boots with only the vibration pads to increase blood flow to tendons and ligaments, making them more elastic which can help reduce risk of injury.


It is important when looking after your horse's legs to reduce soreness and swelling, but encourage blood flow for healing. After exercise you can use the vibrating boots with the inner cold packs creating cold circulation. This cools the legs, reducing soreness while maintaining blood flow so you can assist the healing process..)


On an automatic timer, these boots allow you to assist your horse to repair wear and tear while in the stable or out in the field, both before and after exercise.

Do not use boots on fracture or infections.

If your horse has sensitive legs, especially horses with white socks that may be clipped, we recommend leaving the cold packs out of the freezer for 5 minutes before use or using them from a refrigerator. Alternatively, use a thin wrap on your horse's legs before applying cold packs.

ICE-VIBE has three optimal settings for different treatments.

Level 1: Treatment of soreness and swelling. Use with or without cold packs.

Level 2: Boosts circulation with or without the use of cold packs. To prepare legs for exercise, use this setting without cold packs.

Level 3: Strongest setting cold therapy after exercise to repair wear and tear.

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