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Horse Shavers, Razors & Shears

Our selection of razors, shavers, thinning shears and pulling combs includes everything you need for the final touches on your horse. If your horse hates having his mane pulled, try a thinning blade instead! Afraid of clippers? No problem - we have whisker trimmers, too.

Prepare for competition or just maintain that overall stunning look at home with razors or shavers for your horse from Shires, Solocomb or HorZe. All of our grooming razors or shavers come with the Equestrian Collections 100% satisfaction guarantee.
  • Tough-1 Mane/Tail Shears
    Tough-1 Mane/Tail Shears
    $7.99 $10.54
  • Fetlock Scissors
    Fetlock Scissors
    $12.23 $13.59
  • Tough-1 Thinning Shears
    Tough-1 Thinning Shears
    $7.99 $11.64
  • Horze Scissors
    Horze Scissors
    $13.99 $15.00
  • Replacement Blades for Solocomb
    Replacement Blades for Solocomb
    $29.69 $32.99
  • Solorake
    $35.99 $39.99
  • Tough-1 Fetlock Shears
    Tough-1 Fetlock Shears
    $8.99 $12.08
  • Centaur Horse Shaver
    Centaur Horse Shaver
    $21.99 $27.95
Equestrian Collections offers some of the most popular Horse Shavers, Razors & Shears found online. Shoppers looking for the latest Tough-1 Horse Shavers, Razors & Shears will be delighted! Equestrian Collections offers a full range of the best Shires Horse Shavers, Razors & Shears and Mountain Horse Horse Shavers, Razors & Shears, all with our money-back satisfaction guarantee. Be a Savvy Shopper and purchase your on Equestrian Collections and always ride in style!
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