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Lincoln Total Stain Eraze

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Lincoln Total Stain Eraze

A powerful formulation to effectively lift and remove stains from white markings and light coloured coats. Deep cleans and brightens, effortlessly removing dirt, grass, urine and manure stains. Fast-acting, it offers a lifeline for those nightmare last minute stains. Fresh, minty fragrance.


  • The ultimate in stain removal!
  • An essential piece of kit for greys, duns, coloureds & white markings.
  • Fast acting formulation.
  • Effortlessly lifts dirt & stains, including grass, urine & manure.
  • Uses powerful brightening agents for brilliant white results.
  • Perfect for attacking stubborn stains or those last minute nightmares.
  • Brightens and highlights white markings.
  • Gentle on the skin.
  • Fresh, minty fragrance.

    Size:  500ml


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