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Lincoln Equocrem

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Lincoln Equocrem

Lincoln Equocrem is a Zinc Oxide based antibacterial First Aid Cream, enhanced with Benzyl Benzoate & Lavender Oil to produce a soothing, gentle, water-resistant cream to relieve minor wounds, abrasions, sunburn and itchy, dry or irritated skin. The formulation is gentle enough to use on sensitive skin & doubles up as an ideal barrier protection for skin exposed to muddy, wet conditions. A truly versatile cream offering a multitude of every day practical uses.


  • Soothing antibacterial first aid cream.
  • A Zinc Oxide based cream enhanced with Benzyl Benzoate & Lavender Oil.
  • Protects & promotes the natural recovery of minor wounds & abrasions, sunburn & chapped skin.
  • Soothes sore, tender or itchy skin.
  • Gentle, antibacterial action is suitable for use on sensitive skin.
  • Water resistant & durable to protect the skin in muddy, wet conditions.
  • Versatile - offering a multitude or everyday practical uses.


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