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Shoo Fly Leggins Fly Boots

From: $49.99

Shoofly Leggins™ Made from flexible, plastic mesh to allow air circulation, Shoofly Leggins™ by Stone Mountain Manufacturing are easy to attach, comfortable to wear, and will not sag due to their unique sewn-in plastic stays. And they're patented! Fe ...Read more »

Made in the USA
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Cashel Crusader Leg Guards

Starting at: $29.99

$32.99 Save: 9%

Cashel Crusader Leg Guards Colors Durable mesh leg wraps eliminate sun sensitivity and prevent flies from biting your horses lower legs. Use these leg guards to protect your horses lower legs against irritating bugs and bites, and keep your horse hap ...Read more »

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Kensington Fly Boots Fleece

Starting at: $34.85

$44.99 Save: 23%

Kensington Textilene Fly Boots w/ Fleece Trim Cotton Candy Stop the stomp - and the associated foot and leg issues - with our Fly Boots! Features: Durable Textilene Construction: USA-made, 1000 x 2000 denier fabric hails from Alabama and is specially ...Read more »

Some styles are in stock.

Leg Wraps

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Savvy Shopper Guide for Fly Leg Wraps

As a horse owner or rider, you know what an irritation flies and other insects can be to a horse. Unfortunately, horse's legs are a great attraction and gathering point for hordes of flies, causing them great irritation and making them kick and stomp all day long. Fly sprays have been around for a while, but most times they are no match for a veritable army of flies - a physical barrier is needed between the flies and the horses. Fly leg wraps - also called horse fly boots - are available to provide this physical barrier. Fly boots for horses are specially made to both protect your horse's legs from flies and at the same time provide adequate ventilation. 

Types of Fly Leg Wraps

Horse fly boots are constructed of a loose mesh or net type of material that is secured to the legs with Velcro straps. Some brands of fly boots for horses offer Stay Up technology which is useful for keeping the boots in place whenever the horse stomps or kicks. Equestrian Collections is proud to offer several colors and designs of fly leg boots and wraps from brands such as Centaur, Rambo, Amigo, WeatherBeeta, Kensington, and Tuffrider. We also carry fly masks and fly sheets to match our fly leg wraps, which will make sure that you and your horse are prepared for the upcoming fly season.

Fly Leg Wraps

Equestrian Collections is offering the original insecticide-free, all-natural mesh leg wraps, designed to protect and cover a horse's legs from flies and other biting insects. These reasonably priced wraps help to minimize stamping and stomping and are a favorite of veterinarians for use as medical bandages. These fly wraps allow air to circulate over healing cuts, wounds, and surgical incisions approximately 10 times faster than traditional cloth bandages. These patented original wraps employ elastic straps to keep them in place.

Horse Fly Boots

Fly boots are available in an assortment of natural colors that can blend in with the color of a horse's coat. Some Kensington boots have an exclusive plastic stay system located underneath the trim that helps to keep the boots in place and upright on the leg, even during intense stomping. Some Amigo fly boots for horses are constructed with a fleece binding, airmesh body, secure closures, and stiffeners in the boots to keep them upright and provide a contoured fit. Other fly boots available are made of silky soft mesh and have hook and loop closures.

Fly Leg Wraps Fitting & Sizing Information

Many sizes of this product are available. Please refer to your items sizing chart.

Fly Leg Wraps Care Instructions

Wraps should be cleaned frequently since they are apt to pick up mud and burrs which can be an irritant against a horse's leg. Most of these products are machine washable. Make certain to use only detergents that don't contain fabric softeners or bleach. Don't tumble dry, air dry only.

Equestrian Collections offers some of the most popular Fly Leg Wraps & Fly Leg Boots found online. Shoppers looking for the latest Kensington Fly Leg Wraps & Fly Leg Boots will be delighted! Equestrian Collections offers a full range of the best WeatherBeeta Fly Leg Wraps & Fly Leg Boots and Tough-1 Fly Leg Wraps & Fly Leg Boots, all with our money-back satisfaction guarantee. Be a Savvy Shopper and purchase your on Equestrian Collections and always ride in style!
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