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What Are Horse Ear Bonnets?

Ear bonnets for horses, also called ear plugs for horses, are coverings placed over the plugs that are inserted inside the ears of horses that are very sensitive to sound. Equestrian Collections carries a broad range of horse ear plugs manufactured by first rate name brands such as Cashel, B Vertigo, EquiFit, Roma, HorZe, and Rambo. Better yet, all of our ear bonnets and ear nets come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Crochet Ear Bonnets For Horses

Your horse will look elegant in some colorful crochet knitted ear nets with eye-catching satin ears. Or imagine your best friend decked out with a European made horse ear bonnet featuring gorgeous Swarovski crystals, as well as a bright metallic stripe. You and your horse will enjoy being color coordinated, and you won't have to worry about any nasty rubs or fly bits that can torment your horse.

Neoprene Ear Nets

Your horse will look elegant in a crocheted, hand-knitted riding hood that will also keep distractions away and keep the noise down to a minimum. Neoprene, which is a synthetic polymer with all of the qualities of rubber, is resistant to weathering, heat, and oil, will provide optimum quiet that will allow your horse to compete with full concentration and focus.

Premium Equine Ear Plugs

Equestrian Collections has a variety of ear plugs for horses that are specially designed to let your horse hear normal tones, and at the same time protect it by reducing all loud or agitating noises. Your horse's very sensitive ears will be protected from sharp sounds, water, wind, and debris.

T-Foam Or Memory Foam Ear Plugs

T-Foam ear plugs for horses are created with the very same technology used in the construction of human ear plugs. These plugs are conformed to create a strong seal in the horse's ear canal (they are trimmable to fit). These quality ear plugs soften with body temperature, are reactive to heat, and become increasingly more comfortable after each use. Simply twist the foam into a very tight cylinder and insert deep into the ear canal. Equestrian Collections also has memory foam ear plugs available with or without string.

Horse Ear Bonnets

Choose from a wide assortment of horse ear bonnets, which maintain perfect vision, quick-grip closures, and a mesh fly bonnet that keeps flies and other pests away from your horse's eyes and face. We have bonnets that will keep your horse's head, poll, and ears dry and cool with a multi-faceted air mesh. These bonnets have a contoured shape with a long lasting EverLeather trim, and will keep your horse's ears unbothered and comfortable inside a protective Spandex mesh.

How To Care For Your Horse Ear Plugs

Any Spandex, nylon, or Neoprene Ear nets can be washed in cool water, and then allowed to air dry. Most of our ear plugs can be washed on a gentle cycle or hand washed. If the plugs are very delicate, wash inside a mesh garment bag.

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