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HorZe Exzema Blanket

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HorZe Exzema Blanket

Eczema blanket that offers great protection both against flies and the sun. Soft polyester fabric with special UV protection treatment for your horse's added comfort. Covers the whole body. The eczema hood is not included, and must be ordered separately (

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There are 3 reviews for this product

Emily A

from New Hampshire

February 13, 2015

This has been invaluable for my bug eaten horse! He rubs on everything, including a metal gate and t-post but has only put one small hole in it after 3 weeks so the durability is very good. I would not recommend this if you have a very big horse. Mine is 15.2 and about 1100 pounds. In other words, he's a quarter horse but not a big stocky one. I bought him an XL (the largest) and it just fits. It's actually a tad tighter than I would like in the shoulder but doesn't seem to be rubbing at all. I love the full neck! The only thing I really haven't been thrilled with is the strap which holds the chest piece to the belly piece. It's actually a little strange on the connection (I'm still not sure I've got it down right) and does come undone. It would be nice to also have it more adjustable and wider as the flies do still get in there. Overall, this has been a life saver for my guy this summer and the complaints are far outweighed by the good. I do have to qualify that I've never owned a full sheet before, but with that being said I don't think I would bother to try anything else. At the price and from what I have read on other sheets, this seems to be a good deal.

Emily A

from Nevada

October 22, 2014

One of the cheaper total coverage fly sheets but it is well built! I love the full neck coverage - not much of my horse is exposed. The belly band stays in place through all his pasture activities. It seems to be pretty durable although he has ripped a couple places due to rubbing on a small section of barbed wire in the field, although I'm not sure much can hold up to that! The only complaint is all the extra buckles to hold the hood on. I know it's made to go with a hood but the full neck and a fly mask totally covers anyway. I could do without those and wouldn't think the hood is worth the extra money. Keep with the size chart. My guy wears a 74" blanket and I ordered size Large. It's small so I reordered the Extra Large for him. Otherwise it's a wonderful sheet and it's doing the job!

Dani F

from Idaho

October 6, 2014

My paint mare sunburns on her neck and back if I don't keep a fly sheet on her during the summer, but I was sick and tired of buying multiple sheets in a season when they got destroyed in the pasture. I decided to get this sheet after hearing about Horze's great quality for it's low cost. I have used this sheet for most of the summer for a mare that is on pasture 24/7, and although it's a little dirtier, it has held up really well. You can easily hose the dirt off when it gets too nasty, and the fabric is very breathable. It fits my solid-but-not-too-chunky paint very well, and I highly recommend it.
Overall Rating: 5 of 5

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